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Why Choose Us For Your Waste Management Needs

The Bagster:
$30 to purchase each bag, your time and gas to go to the big box store to purchase each bag. $149 for first loaded bag and $129 for each additional loaded bag and has to be scheduled to pick up all bags at the same time and at the same address for the discounted price on the additional bags.

Two Bags (6 Yards): $30 + $30 + $149 + $129 = $338

Three Bags (9 Yards): $30 + $30 + $30 + $149 + $129 + $129 = $497

USA Hauling Service offers 10,12, &15-yard dumpsters that are a much better value than “The Bag” and more room.

Bag has to be no more than 16 feet from street or you have to sign a damage waiver to have a truck weighing around
16 tons to drive on your driveway to remove the bag.

USA Hauling Service can park the dumpster almost anywhere you need it. We can park it on the grass or even on paver driveways with no damage.

Yard waste may not be accepted in your area
USA Hauling Service can accept almost everything from a common household or construction site. No need separate items or bag items, just throw it in our dumpster and we will haul it away.

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USA Hauling

“1-800″ Companies
You have to be home for their crew to remove your items and hopefully they arrive at the time they promised.

USA Hauling Service can drop our dumpster off at your specified location and remove the dumpster without you being home. You can work at your own pace on discarding the items you do not need, not at some company’s schedule.

Rolloff Dumpsters
You have to sign a damage waiver for the truck to pull onto your driveway. You have to place plywood down on the driveway so the dumpster does not gouge the driveway. Do you want a 16-ton truck plus the weight of the full can moving around on your driveway? If you have a paver driveway, no chance they will attempt to drop off or remove a dumpster.

USA Hauling Service dumpsters are no different than a pick-up truck pulling onto your driveway or grass there is no damage.